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Lightweight Gravel Race Bike

Now a booming race discipline, gravel is showcasing a new breed of rider: one who thrives on rough terrain at near road-race speeds. These riders require a bike as committed as they are. Refined and lean, the LS flies. With optimised stiffness for gravel, an ultralight 950g frame, and crisp race-focused handling, LS is a no-holds-barred gravel racer.

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    Form Follows Function

    Simply, race. Intentionally stripped of distracting features and excess materials, LS is meticulously crafted, solely focusing on the essence of gravel racing: speed and grit.

    Perfectly balanced geometry and stiffness aids in powerful acceleration and climbing, diverging from traditional, pack-animal gravel bikes. LS offers the correct stiffness for aggressive riding to outperform the group without beating on the racer.

    Conquer the Dirt

    Unapologetically, the LS is built to conquer whether it’s soaring over the unforgiving Midwest rollers, prevailing through red clay, or overcoming the notorious Flint Hills.

    The LS is optimized around 40 to 43 mm tires and is compatible with both 1x and 2x electronic and mechanical shifting.

    With shorter seat stays and refined steering trail, racers maintain the ability to react in a heartbeat to the often unpredictable dirt road conditions while still running tires with appropriate volume for fast riding on rough gravel.


    Carry Speed, Not Weight

    Long gruelling days in the saddle require the lightest and fastest gravel set-up.
    The LS is designed to carry what’s essential, and no more with mounts available for three bottle cages,
    a top tube Bento Mount, and space for a sleek frame bag.


    Compatible with 1x or 2x, Mechanical or Electronic Shifting


    Integrated Chainsuck Protector


    Hidden Fender Mount

    Factor LS Frameset (Rim/Disc)

    R40 000

    Factor LS Complete Bike

    from R130 000 – R145 000

    All retail prices including VAT.

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