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Skratch Labs Execerise Hydration Mix – Single Serving (20pack)

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Exercise Mix helps replace the water and sodium you lose in sweat, helping you be at your best.
Great for running, hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, or anytime you work up a sweat!

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Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration mix was originally known throughout the pro-peloton as “Secret Drink Mix.” The mix was so coveted athletes sponsored by other drinks would secretly dump out their bottles swapping in “Secret Drink Mix.” Why? Cause it worked. It was all in pursuit of making the best hydration in the world from real world ingredients.


Now available to every athlete and known as Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration, this mix replaces electrolytes while being easy on your guts. The mixes are simply named from the ingredients they’re made from. They taste super light and refreshing and exactly like the fruits and ingredients they’re named after with a dash of salt.


We are believers in this mix.


Use: Any workout. Pre-workout. Post-workout.

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Lemon + Limes, Oranges, Pineapples, Matcha + Lemon, Raspberries


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