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Timetrial / Triathlon Bike

he Factor SLiCK is a time trial/triathlon bike drive by obsession. Obsession for speed; for boundary-pushing performance; for versatility and adjustability. Each element of the SLiCK, from the 51 Speedshop Aerobar to the Twin Vane EVO downtube, was intentionally included in the design because of Factor’s obsessive quest to create the fastest, most technically advanced aero bike available.

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    Beyond Speed: Aerodynamics, Integration & Adjustability

    Factor’s design and engineering team studied, modified and enhanced the SLiCK’s frame structure in search of the lowest aerodynamic drag and the highest stiffness possible. Every subtle permutation and shape is a performance-driven result of extensive CFD and wind tunnel testing. This is then combined with real-world riding feedback from some of the best time-trialists and triathletes on the planet. The results? The SLiCK cuts straight through the wind, while delivering impressive power transfer and handling and aerodynamic performance without compromise.

    Twin Vane EVO Downtube

    Factor has worked tirelessly on the development of the Twin Vane Evo downtube to achieve greater aerodynamic efficiency and maximum frame stiffness. Twin Vane Evo symbolized all of what we learned throughout the extensive aerodynamic research necessary to design the SLiCK. Initially developed through CFD and later optimized in the wind tunnel, Twin Vane EVO displays expertise in design and engineering truly unique to Factor.

    Detailed Attention to Aerodynamics


    Widestance Seat Stays

    SLiCK’s wide stance seat stays again allow the air to flow free through, rather than around the frame and rear wheel.


    Deep Airfoil Seat Tube

    Deep airfoil seat tube contours and conforms to the rear wheel, nestling it away from the wind.


    External Fork

    The SLiCK external fork features a hidden, integrated brake and wide stance, along with deep airfoil profiled legs.

    Factor SLICK Premium Package Frame. (Rim/Disc)

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    Factor SLICK Complete Bike

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